New version iSwimManager 8.4 for AppStore

- Added module Annual plan
- Added new Training zone (Hy-Tek, British).
- Added the ability to store blocks.
- Adding the ability to add a block to the training plan.
- Added create PDF file
- Added E-mail button  - send PDF file
- Added Open In button - open PDF file ion other App
- Added Copy Plan button - copy Annual plan
- Added Paste Plan button - paste Annual plan to selected group and year

iSwimManager 8.0 - Annual Plan.pdf (4351783)


Annual plan allows you to set individual training plans for each group separately. Microcycle names can be displayed in any language.

iSwimManager 7.5

- adaptation iOS7
- fixed bugs
Module Manager of meets
- added feature sort results by swimmers and disciplines
- added feature results from the download of Star 2000 (czech)

iSwimManager 7.3

Module Training Plan

- Added the function assignments for each Zone Set.

Calendar module

- Added feature Monthly overview
- Added feature Monthly overview swimmers
- Added feature Add attendance
- Added display the Zone Set to a PDF file Trainig plan

iSwimManager 7.0 - Import Training Plan from HyTek.pdf (686927)

iSwimManager 7.0 - Translations language.pdf (1,5 MB)


There is a saying That there is worth to wait for the best.

You have waited and we have delivered.

The iSwimManager application is in use for over year now and we are proud to inform you that over 2,000 coaches are using the application from all over the world. Coaches Recognized the potation of the application and include it to Their daily routine of coaching and gathering data. The possibility to have all data at hand is amazing and irreplaceable.

Coaches are e-mailing us with some great ideas and we are working hard on it including them in to the application. You have experienced many new updates with graph, adding new features and ideas. Now we have added many new features That will make your life lot more easier.

The new features are exciting and really useful.



Version 7.2  

Added function import Training plan from Hy-Tek to iSwimManager.

Version 7.1

Added the function of manual recording of results.


Version 7.0.1


• App  

• Combine two swimmers information 

• App will translate all 13 predefined languages 

• App lets you add a new language and you can do your own wording 

• App lets you to change names for buttons and alert windows 

• App lets you to export localizations 

• Add in - Option to add photo of swimmer / coach 

• App lets you import it from another localization iSwimManager App 

• New buttons are added when using (DOB, swimCode, groupCode, etc ...) Information button 

• That will let you to see more information on selected item. 

• Error buttons are added for (DOB, swimCode, groupCode, etc ...) Info is added for all errors 


• Module Settings 

• Added choice of years for FINA points. 

• When viewing times automatic FINA points will show as set up per year 

• Checking the type and length or swimming pool 


Module Group 

• Add in check for Group Code (max 8 characters - Numbers and Letters)) 

• Add in check for duplicates Group Code 

• Add in - If changes are done to Group Code the system will fully changed in the whole app. 

• Add in Automatic setup for Default group 


Module Swimmer 

• Add in check for duplicates Swim Code 

• Add in check for correct DOB enter MMDDYYYY 

• Add in New coaches way of data exchanges 


Calendar Module 

• Add in Attendance percentage and Sessions attended per zone.


Annaul plan Module 

• Yearly plan - beta version


The iSwimManager app is designed for swimmers, coaches, managers and club administrators. However all swimming fans people can get benefit out of our application
The application is an complex combination of all aspects in swimming preparation.  Training, results, training analyzing and much more. The app is compatible with Hy-tek, Splash (Team Manager, Meet Manager)  in format Hy-Tek, Lenex, FFNex, DSV and SDIF file.
The application is user friendly and it makes life easier to all coaches at any level. Coaches can communicate with swimmers by getting constant training results,meet results, immediate information about any aspect of the team or individual swimmer. Coaches and do meet entries or just write training notes. Anything that coach do at session or in the office can ne done anytime anywhere and all information is available at any time.
Coaches can write their training plans , time and anywise times swum at training session or at competition. All information is saved in the app and is available at press of the button. How long does take you work out test set percentage? Or how long does take you to workout the energy systems used over the month? Well does not take any time at all now. It is there for you. Just press the button.
 The app is an Club database, coaches tool, swimmers tool, parent or manager tool. You can create training groups and save all information to individual groups. This way you will be able to select individual group and pull out any information that you need. Club records are automatically created every time you import meet results, mot only that you can generate club ranking by age, stroke or distance.
The communication between coaches and swimmers or coaches - parents is being included in our app. As long all parties have iSwimManager you will be able to send files with anything that you save in your app. Results, swimmers info, training plans and training results. If the swimmers does not have iSwimManager it is just as easy. Just create PDF fine and send it out via E-Mail
ISwimManager is the only application focused on all aspects of Club and Training. Anything that Club, coaches need is there. There is no App on the marked at the moment that does even half of the functions that iSwimManager does.
The iSwimManager like to thank to all coaches that had an impact on design and production of the app. Coaches from all over the world come in to the party and the iSwimManager was created.
We thank you all and looking forward to next project.


iSwimManager team


App localized in  English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Russia, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch,  Chinese.


App iSwimManager already use coaches and swimmers in the 46 countries of the world

( Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China,Czech,  Cyprus, Croatia,  Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Indonesia,  Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan,  Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russia, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzeland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, UK - United Kingdom, Ukrainian, United Arab Emirates, USA)


Sample  Translations language : iSwimManager 7.0 - Translations language.pdf (1593539)
Sample import training plan from Hy-Tek :  iSwimManager 7.0 - Import Training Plan from HyTek.pdf (686927)

Sample writing training plans : Week Group - ACD.pdf (15,9 kB)

Sample manual entry of results:  Manual entry of results.pdf (1280464)

Sample downloading results to the App from the internet (Meet Manager "Hy-Tek"  America, Australia, Oceania, Africa ... ) Downloading results Hy-tek.pdf (764,7 kB)

Sample downloading results to the App from the internet  („Splash“ Meet manager Canada, Europe, Russia ... ) Downloading results Splash.pdf (759,8 kB)

Sample downloading results to the App from the internet  ( ) Downloading results swimrankings.pdf (1,6 MB)

New - Example how to enter swimmers in to meet  (Meet Manager "Hy-Tek"  America, Australia, Oceania, Africa ... ) and(„Splash“ Meet manager Canada, Europe, Russia ... ) Example how to enter swimmers in to meet.pdf (4,7 MB)


Content  -  version 7.0


Starting the application                                                                                                                        

Create, change and update the language App

Export File language mutation and send e-mail

Import File language mutation on another iPad

See the instructions in App

Team data entry

Application setup parameters                                                                                                    

Settings - Training swimming pools

Settings - Setting the ages

Setting - Swimming style - stroke

Setting - Pace / tempo

Setting - Tools

Setting  - Changing group

Setting - Conversion  25 m --> 50m  swimming pool

Setting - Conversion  25y  --> 25m swimming pool

Setting - Conversion  25y --> 50m swimming pool

Setting - Conversion by Fina points

Setting - Default language

Setting - Default year FINA Points

Setting - Default Group

Create a group                                                                                                                               

Adding photos of trainer   




Swimmers registration                                                        

Adding new swimmer                                                                                                                  

Entry of data – Address                                                                                                               

Entry of data - Club                                                                                                                            

Entry of data - medical                                                                                                                 

Entry of data – history                                                                                                                  

Entry of data – Targer time                                                                                                         

Adding photos swimmer                                                                                                             

Categories of swimmers                                                                                                              

Swimmers date export via E-mail                                                                                             

Swimmers export thru thirt party App                                                                                       

Swimmers date import                                                                                                                

Deleting swimmer from database                                                                                           

The union of two swimmers


Workouts / calendar                                                                


Creating a training plan entries -  wheels                                                                               

Setting multiply times in the set                                                                                                 

Making training block out of multiple sets                                                                               

Writing favorite sets into database                                                                                             

Using favorit sets in the Training plan                                                                                     

Full distance calculation of daily workout                                                                              

Delating sets out of database                                                                                                   


Training plan calendar                                                          


Browse training plans                                                                                                                 

Copy training plan and its registration to another day                                                                      

Copy of training plan and its registration to another day and groups                                 

Send  training plan via E-mail                                                                                                   

Training plan to send thru third-party App                                                                               

Writing a training plan from E-mail                                                                                           

Writing a training plan adopted through a third party App                                                    

Delete a training plan                                                                                                                  

Creating notes and view them in calendar                                                                             




Setting training                                                                                                                              

Record attendance of swimmers at  training                                                                           

Setting the mode of measurement of training                                                                         

View the Training plan                                                                                                                 

View and write comments in the training                                                                                     

In the Set — the set of 2 and more swimmers at the start of the swimming session                 

The procedure of measurement of training more  simultaneously                                    

Continuous viewing of swimming times                                                                                            

Reset — clear the stack of the measured times                                                                   

Set  reset-stops the measurement of multiple swimmers                                                      

Tempo - setting test of measuring performance against a set of time                                    

Termination and registration of training                                                                                                   

Generating training results file and sensing out via E- main




Setting the group                                                                                                                             

Setting the Training plan                                                                                                               

Create a PDF file of the Training plan                                                                                           

Send a PDF file via email  - Training plan                                                                                  

Open the PDF file in a third-party App                                                                                          

Create a PDF file of the weekly plan                                                                                        

Send a PDF file via email  - weekly plan                                                                                     

Show monthly training plan Graph

Open the PDF file in a third-party App to plan weekly                                                          

Setting Training                                                                                                                               

Downloading training results in to your app/calendar.                                                                    

Viewing the times selected as                                                                                                    

Create a PDF file of the training                                                                                                                   

Send a PDF file by email                                                                                                               

Open the PDF file in the third-party App  - training                                                                

Setting up Evaluation                                                                                                                                                  

Viewing the times selected as                                                                                                   

Create a PDF file of the training                                                                                                                   

Send a PDF file by email                                                                                                                 

Open the PDF file in the third-party App  - training                                                                  

Setting Attendance        

Create a PDF file of the Attendance for swimmers

Create a PDF file of the Attendance for group                                                                                                                       

Setting and viewing Notes                                                                                                                                            


Manager of meets                                                                     


Creating a header  results                                                                                                         

Creating notes for swimmers during the race                                                                          

Viewing race notes                                                                                                                                                 

Downloading a file via iTunes results                                                                                      

Reading the results from  e-mail                                                                                             

Reading results from the Internet through third-party App                                                           

Loading results using a wifi bluetoth from third-party App                                                               

Reading the results of the file                                                                                                 

Viewing notes and splits of individual competitors                                                                         

Competition result PDF generating.

Sending PDF of results via E-mail

Open PDF file in third party App


Manager of swimmers                                                             


Listing and viewing performance swimmers                                                                                      

Viewing swimmer record history by discipline.

Open PDF file in the third party App

E-Mail PDF file

Creating PDF file for selected information



Ranking and records of club swimmers                                


Showing ranking by set parameters                                                                                        

Generate ranking in to PDF file                                                                                                

Sending PDF file via e-Mail                                                                                                      

Open PDF file in Third party app                                                                                              

Club records                                                                                                                                

Records in PDF                                                                                                                      

Sending PDF file via e- mail                                                                                                      

Open PDF file in Third party app


Manager of meet entries                                      


Entry file sending via e-mail

Entries file

Meet entries for relays

Making meet entries for individuals

Importing and saving meet events


Manager of files                                                                        


Listing and viewing of files App                                                                                                 

Download files in to App third parties                                                                              

Deleting files from App                                                                                                             

Viewing PDF files                                                                                                                       

Viewing the PDF files in the App third party                                                                         

UnZip result file zip (Hy-tek) and results lxf (Splash/lenex)


Concluding remarks                                                       


Concluding remarks


If you have a problem, please contact our online technical support


After further test the operational memory is to small on iPad 1 and this application is not recommended to use on this device. We recommend to use iPad 2 and newer, iPadMini. Thank you for understanding.

  On the website entitled "iSwimManager" find instructional video





For owners of iPhone and iPod Touch App is available TrainSwimPro 5.5 For further information see: