Are you looking for an App that combines the work of a coach and a swimmer?

Do you want to have all training plans and race results in one place?

Do you want to easily create training plans?

Do you want to have an overview of the entire training process?

Do you want to compare the achieved results?

The solution is very simple.


iSwimManager (R)

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The iSwimManager App is designed for swimmers and swimming coaches.


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The iSwimManager App is designed for swimmers, coaches, managers and club administrators. However all swimming fans people can get benefit out of our application.

The application is an complex combination of all aspects in swimming preparation.  Training, results, training analyzing and much more. The app is compatible with Hy-tek, Splash (Team Manager, Meet Manager)  in format Hy-Tek, Lenex, FFNex, DSV and SDIF file.

The application is user friendly and it makes life easier to all coaches at any level. Coaches can communicate with swimmers by getting constant training results,meet results, immediate information about any aspect of the team or individual swimmer. Coaches and do meet entries or just write training notes. Anything that coach do at session or in the office can ne done anytime anywhere and all information is available at any time.

Coaches can write their training plans , time and anywise times swum at training session or at competition. All information is saved in the app and is available at press of the button. How long does take you work out test set percentage? Or how long does take you to workout the energy systems used over the month? Well does not take any time at all now. It is there for you. Just press the button.

 The app is an Club database, coaches tool, swimmers tool, parent or manager tool. You can create training groups and save all information to individual groups. This way you will be able to select individual group and pull out any information that you need. Club records are automatically created every time you import meet results, mot only that you can generate club ranking by age, stroke or distance.

The communication between coaches and swimmers or coaches - parents is being included in our app. As long all parties have iSwimManager you will be able to send files with anything that you save in your app. Results, swimmers info, training plans and training results. If the swimmers does not have iSwimManager it is just as easy. Just create PDF fine and send it out via E-Mail

ISwimManager is the only application focused on all aspects of Club and Training. Anything that Club, coaches need is there. There is no App on the marked at the moment that does even half of the functions that iSwimManager does.

The iSwimManager like to thank to all coaches that had an impact on design and production of the app. Coaches from all over the world come in to the party and the iSwimManager was created.

If you have a problem, please contact our online technical support

App iSwimManager alredy use coaches and swimmers in the 54 countries of the world.

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China,Colombia, Czech,  Cyprus, Croatia,  Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, India, Indonesia,  Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan,  Malta, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzeland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, UK - United Kingdom, Uganda, Ukrainian, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vietnam



Version 13.0 in AppStore.

See Version / Version 13.0 for detail

Published on the AppStore July 7. 2020


Dark mode

Redesigned automatic start function (TimeSet) in the Training module.

Added the ability to start automatically in multiple lanes and different SETs.

Added detail display function for training zone and discipline in the Analysis module.

Added features setting custom parameters for discipline evaluation in Analysis module.

Modified and linked Weekly plan with Annual plan

Added the ability to specify training zones in the module Annual plan.


We have prepared iSwimManager for you on cloud.
We are preparing a network version.
The coach determines who will be able to watch his group's trainings.
The main coach in the club, the national team will have an overview of the training of all swimmers in the group.
We have prepared the option to use the App independently from internet and in the mean time to be able to send, and receive training plans, trainings, attendance, and meet results which are created and uploaded by group coach.
By adding email address to the mail list in the Group definition and by providing registration code to the swimmer or another coach you will create a connection between Apps
You can create this connection between the coaches in the club, country or anywhere in the world by entering the country code and club registration code.
We believe that App will find many fans and coaches will no longer have to send emails with training plans, and swimmers will also see the measured times from the training and performance statistics in combination with the results in the race.
This will make App a motivating factor for further improvement of swimmers and parents will also see the progress of their children.
We wish you fast water and good results in your work.
iSwimManager Team
You can find how to register App iSwimManager and 
Group on the Cloud 

Guide for Version 12 and above: 

     - How to register on the Cloud.docx (6421586) - modified 12.01

       - How to send and receive training plan, training and results.docx (1148835)



Application on the AppStore :


iSwimManager for iPhone is iSwimCoach
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