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Starting the application                                                                                                                          

Create, change and update the language App

Export File language mutation and send e-mail

Import File language mutation on another iPad


See the instructions in App

Team data entry

Application setup parameters                                                                                                     

Settings - Training swimming pools

Settings - Setting the ages

Setting - Swimming style - stroke

Setting - Pace / tempo

Setting - Tools

Setting  - Changing group

Setting - Conversion  25 m --> 50m  swimming pool

Setting - Conversion  25y  --> 25m swimming pool

Setting - Conversion  25y --> 50m swimming pool

Setting - Conversion by Fina points

Setting - Default language

Setting - Default year FINA Points

Setting - Default Group

Create a group                                                                                                                              

Adding photos of trainer   



Swimmers registration                                                        


Adding new swimmer                                                                                                                 

Entry of data – Address                                                                                                              

Entry of data - Club                                                                                                                                 

Entry of data - medical                                                                                                                

Entry of data – history                                                                                                                 

Entry of data – Targer time                                                                                                         

Adding photos swimmer                                                                                                            

Categories of swimmers                                                                                                              

Swimmers date export via E-mail                                                                                              

Swimmers export thru thirt party App                                                                                        

Swimmers date import                                                                                                                 

Deleting swimmer from database                                                                                             

The union of two swimmers



Workouts / calendar                                                               


Creating a training plan entries -  wheels                                                                               

Setting multiply times in the set                                                                                                 

Making training block out of multiple sets                                                                              

Writing favorite sets into database                                                                                            

Using favorit sets in the Training plan                                                                                     

Full distance calculation of daily workout                                                                               

Delating sets out of database                                                                                                    


Training plan calendar                                                         


Browse training plans                                                                                                                 

Copy training plan and its registration to another day                                                                      

Copy of training plan and its registration to another day and groups                                

Send  training plan via E-mail                                                                                                  

Training plan to send thru third-party App                                                                              

Writing a training plan from E-mail                                                                                          

Writing a training plan adopted through a third party App                                                   

Delete a training plan                                                                                                                 

Creating notes and view them in calendar

Import Training Plan from Hy-Tek                                                                                 




Setting training                                                                                                                              

Record attendance of swimmers at  training                                                                            

Setting the mode of measurement of training                                                                        

View the Training plan                                                                                                                 

View and write comments in the training                                                                                    

In the Set — the set of 2 and more swimmers at the start of the swimming session                     

The procedure of measurement of training more  simultaneously                                    

Continuous viewing of swimming times                                                                                             

Reset — clear the stack of the measured times                                                                     

Set  reset-stops the measurement of multiple swimmers                                                        

Tempo - setting test of measuring performance against a set of time                                   

Termination and registration of training                                                                                                      

Generating training results file and sensing out via E- main




Setting the group                                                                                                                              

Setting the Training plan                                                                                                                

Create a PDF file of the Training plan                                                                                          

Send a PDF file via email  - Training plan                                                                                 

Open the PDF file in a third-party App                                                                                          

Create a PDF file of the weekly plan                                                                                         

Send a PDF file via email  - weekly plan                                                                                    

Show monthly training plan Graph

Open the PDF file in a third-party App to plan weekly                                                             

Setting Training                                                                                                                              

Downloading training results in to your app/calendar.                                                                    

Viewing the times selected as                                                                                                    

Create a PDF file of the training                                                                                                                   

Send a PDF file by email                                                                                                                

Open the PDF file in the third-party App  - training                                                                 

Setting up Evaluation                                                                                                                                                       

Viewing the times selected as                                                                                                    

Create a PDF file of the training                                                                                                                   

Send a PDF file by email                                                                                                                

Open the PDF file in the third-party App  - training                                                                 

Setting Attendance                                                                                                                          

Create a PDF file of the Attendance for swimmers

Create a PDF file of the Attendance for group

Setting and viewing Notes  



Manager of files                                                                       


Listing and viewing of files App                                                                                                

Download files in to App third parties                                                                                      

Deleting files from App                                                                                                               

Viewing PDF files                                                                                                                        

Viewing the PDF files in the App third party                                                                           

UnZip result file zip (Hy-tek) and results lxf (Splash/lenex)




Vladimir Rajcok, Tom Fronek