Modules are individual parts of an application that allow you to perform specific functions.

Settings - is a module for basic settings of the App, needed for the operation of other modules and registration of the App on the cloud.

Club - is a module in which it defines the Club and its relationship to the owner of the App as well as the registration settings and the registration of the App an cloud.

Group - is a module in which we define all our groups of swimmers. If iSwimManager is used by all trainers in the section, as well as groups of other trainers, which enables mutual sharing of trainings between trainers. It is also possible that the head coach of the club will see all the trainings of all the coaches. At the same time, the coach can allow his swimmers, who have iSwimManager to share training plans, workouts and race results. In this case, iSwimManger serves as the swimmer's swimming diary.

Training plan - is a module that allows you to create, view, copy, create PDF files of training plans. Individual trainings are included in training zones. Trainings are divided into AM - morning and PM - afternoon. The trainings are assigned to individual groups and the pool on which the training takes place is defined.

Training - is a module that allows you to record the swimmer's attendance at training and thus determine that the swimmer's swimming plan also swam and thus included it in his performance. It enables the measurement of individual SETs itself (eg 1x100m free sp.). After the training, he creates a PDF file, which can be sent by e-mail to his swimmers.

Calendar - is a module that is divided into months, in which we can view Training Plans, Trainings, Attendance, Measurement results at trainings, Write and view notes for individual trainings or races. At the same time, it allows you to supplement your trainings and attendance.

Manager of swim meets - is a module that allows you to record the results of competitions from sets of Lenexa, HYTEK, French and German systems. When recording the results, it automatically adds swimmers to the records and at the same time records the records of the swim by type of pool. Allows you to create notes during the race on the individual participants of the swimmer. After uploading the results, they are automatically paired with their results.

Manager of swimmers - is a module that allows you to view individual results of swimmers, with the ability to choose according to the pool and swimming method.

Ranking and records of club swimmers - is a module that allows you to view records within the club according to the pool and age category of swimmers, determine the ranking during the season and thus increase the competitiveness of swimmers with each other.

Manager of meets entries - is a module that allows you to create applications for races in the Lenex and HyTeK systems. Entries are created on the basis of an invitation file, which must be uploaded so that the system can select the disciplines in which the race will be raced.

Annual plan - is a module in which we plan the entire swimming year in terms of participation in competitions, the division of the year according to individual activities and workload. Proper planning of the annual plan makes it easier to plan weekly and daily training sessions and then in the Analysis module to evaluate the training process of individual swimmers according to the cycles focused on specific races in the season.

Annual calendar - is a module in which it is possible to view from the point of view of the swimming year, when the training plans were written, when the trainings were completed and with what attendance. It is possible to prairie when individual races took place and watch the results of individual swimmers and also achieve records in individual disciplines according to the type of pools.

Analysis - It is a module in which, according to the cycle, we can evaluate the volume of km km, the attendance at trainings, the volume of km km according to swimming zones and the volume of km km according to the swimming method. We evaluate the results in graphs and at the same time we can view the results of races and trainings and their mutual comparison in the graph according to the discipline.

File Manager - is a module in which we can view the files they create in the App, perform Unzip files from races, view the list of clubs and swimmers at races, delete files and send them to other App.

Translator - It is a module that allows you to modify the selected language according to the requirements of the App owner or create your own language that is not part of the App.