Settings module


Settings - Training swimming pools
Settings - Setting the ages
Setting - Swimming style - stroke
Setting - Pace / tempo
Setting - Tools
Setting - Changing group
Setting - Conversion 25 m --> 50m swimming pool
Setting - Conversion 25y --> 25m swimming pool
Setting - Conversion 25y --> 50m swimming pool
Setting - Conversion by Fina points
Setting - Default language
Setting - Default year FINA Points
Setting - Default Group

The settings module is used to set the basic parameters of the App.

Important Notice

Pool - This is the assignment of the pools in which you train, so that it is possible to divide them according to length and time registration according to the unit measure (m / y) for training registration.

Stroke - here you can define your own swimming stroke that you use in training, such as crawling legs, butterfly kick, waves ...

Training Zones - Here you can choose one of four methods for marking training zones used by trainers around the world. In Europe it is (1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Main group - or also the default group. This is the group of swimmers you use most often.

Without setting at least one pool, other modules that depend on its definition will not be accessible to you.