Commin Soon - version 12

Network version.

What the new version brings

Registration App for use in network version

- Register swimming groups I want to make available to other club coaches or swimmers.

- Register swimming groups of other trainers in the club so I can watch their workouts

- The calendar module automatically sends training schedules, workouts, attendance, and results swimming competitions to the server.

- The calendar module automatically downloads the available training plans, training, attendance and swimming competitions.

- The access to the data is determined by the swimming coach, who allows his / her training to be sent.

- The group data is only available after the trainer's consent.

- Each access is allowed to the specific mailing address of another trainer or swimmer.


We are preparing a new Statistic module. It uses existing data from the Plan, Training, Results module.
Plan and volume data are taken from the Plan module.
Training is taking place from the Training module. It is expected that the plan was modified to answer the actual implementation of training.
The results of the Results (Manager of meets) will take the results of the swimmers
By combining these data, the results of the training process in time are displayed in the Statistic module


Vladimir Rajcok, Tom Fronek