Version 12.0

Welcome to the new version that merges data transfer between trainer and swimmers with internet independence.


You can find how to register App iSwimManager and  Group on the Cloud


What will version 12 bring 

- Application works without internet access
- New version allows connection between different applications

- Application is using two factor security for cloud data storage

- Coach can allow access to his group using email addresses

- Coaches and swimmers who want access to the group will need to ask the group coach to provide them register code that will arrive on them phone

- App for swimmers is also used as Swimmers diary

- Application allows connection of main club trainer with all of his coaches

- Main club trainer has oversight over all of the groups under different coaches

- App automatically backups all data to the cloud and in case of lose or damage to the device allows recovery from the cloud storage

- Internet access is required only when registering, sending data to the cloud or downloading it

- Registration of app to the cloud is done in the Team module

- Registration of group for cloud upload is done in Group module if this group is registered under you

- Upload and download of Training plan and Training is done automatically when accessing Calendar module

- Upload and download of races results is done automatically when accessing Manager of swim meet module 

- Personal coach notes from trainings and races are not transfered to other coaches or swimmers

- Only group coaches can change entries in the Training plans and Training. Others can only view the data 

- The group coach notes are stored on the cloud only in case of recovery

- If the group coach removes email address of swimmer or other coach and carries out the registration of the group again then removed email will no longer have access to group data anymore

- New format of training plan notation.
3x100m Free (step 1:20) @4:00  #2;
1x50m Free @45 #1B;
3x (;
1x25m Back 1x50m Free 1x25m Kick () @3:00  #1B;
I can make any comment;
1x25m UnderWater (Without breath) 1x25m Kick @1:35 #1B;

Allows you to record any workout while following 6 rules:
3x100m or 3x100y - define the distance SET or its parts
Free / Back / Kick / .... - define swimming technique
(any detailed SET entry) - define execution of SET - optional
@2:00 or @55 or @1:15 - Define the estimated SET time with a break.
#1A / #2 - define the load level
; - Each line of the plan ends with ";"
 - The training plan written in this format is automatically recorded in the statistics.
-  If the rules are followed, the training plan will calculate the length of training and the duration.
-  Bulk transfer of swimmers between groups

    After uploading the results of the swimming competition, swimmers who are not registered in the App will   automatically be added to the Other group.

    If you want to assign swimmers to a group, you can do it in the Swimmer module

    Press the buttom Team to show all club swimmers.

    Double-click to select the swimmers you want to move to another group

    Tap the Club button to see the question.

    Confirm "Yes I'm Sure!" to see a list of groups.

    Select a group and swimmers collectively move into the desired group.