This application has been done by the author of TrainSwimPro - ing. Vlado Rajcok - IT specialist. Hi has over 22 years experience in developing applications for large companies.  Last 8 he has focused on swimming coaching , as a coach of juniors, Vlado has some great results and over the time his young team collected 28 national titles of Slovakia.  He developed an App for him self to collect and analyse  data from training sessions. He called TrainSwimPro. In time this application become well used application all around the world. This application is now used by coaches from  18 countries.  


App TrainSwimPro is also used by Tom Fronek. Tom originally from Czech Republic  where he swum as young man moved to Australia and fallow hi carrier as a Swim Coach. Over the 20 year in Australia he had many national and international swimmers. Last 7 years Coaching over in New Zealand, first as youth Head coach of North Shore swimming club and now as an founders and Head coach of St Peter's Swimming Academy. Many swimmers that Tom has worked and working achieved great results on the National and International level.


Tom and Vlado have started working together on the basis to develop  TrainSwimPro further but after while decided to develop new application which will be more complex and coaches all around the world can use its benefits.


The goal of our project is to develop with collaboration of many coaches from around the globe an complex application, which can be used by coaches every day at pool deck or office or at the competition. We believe that this application with all its tools and information handy at any time will help coaches to develop an environment  for swimmers suitable for better results and overall performance

History of the project

App iSwimmanager is the follow up of development App TrainSwimpro 5.5 for swimming coaches.


Vladimir Rajcok, Tom Fronek vlrajcok@gmail.com fly200m@hotmail.com